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DEEP Internship Program

Note: This service is no longer available. If you are interested in internships, please contact the Foothill-De Anza Internship Program and the Career Center.

This internship program is only available to all De Anza and Foothill College DEEP students who are US Citizens (or Permanent Residents that are eligible to work in the US), who would like to do research in the fields of biology, chemistry, engineering, earth and space sciences, physics, or math/economics. DEEP Interns will spend the summer working (part-time or full-time) in various private and public institutions. In the past, we have successfully placed our interns with NASA AMES researchers and UCSC, SJSU, CSUEB, Foothill College in a research areas that match the interest(s) of the student.

Each DEEP intern will receive $12 per hour of work (if they are placed at NASA and/or an educational institute). If you are placed at a private company, compensation, internship length and times may vary.

 Previous Interns: